About Us


Our Humble Beginnings...


Beyond Abilities was born over a cup of coffee and a few conversations about what a group of professionals has and has not seen across the community services sector. We acknowledged the need for services to fill those gaps and made a commitment to ensure these services were provided.

Our Beliefs...

Beyond Abilities has a strong belief that, no matter your barrier, there is almost always a way to make an experience happen, you just have to be innovative and think outside the square, and work together. From our inception we have worked hard to provide quality services to people of any ability and we strive to ensure that we can continue to provide these services. We believe there is no such thing as disability, only DIFFERENT ABILITIES and that everyone should be treated with equality and fairness. We also believe that Ability combined with Inclusion, Opportunity and Encouragement equals GREATNESS and SUCCESS.

Our Drive, Journey & DNA...

At Beyond Abilities, our drive (vision) and journey (mission) are at the forefront of our minds. Our values are embedded in our DNA and we live our values in everything we do, in every decision we make, in every program we offer and in every support we provide.

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Where do we operate?

We currently offer our community based services around the Greater Sydney region. Our Adventure World Travel Services can be accessed nationally (subject to Coronavirus-related travel restrictions).