Adventure World Travel T & C's

Payment & Balance


Payment of a Beyond Abilities Adventure World Travel holiday requires an initial deposit from the traveler to book your spot. Full payment of the remaining balance must be made on or before the final due date. (Please check your program, event or holiday details for dates and further information)

Failure to pay the initial deposit at the time of booking will result in your booking remaining incomplete and your spot will not be reserved. Failure to make the full payment of the self funded portion by the due date may result in cancellation of your booking and loss of deposit.  


Bookings made after the final due date will require full payment immediately upon booking.  Any programs, events or holidays that include flights will require the initial deposit and may also require full payment of flights at the time of booking, this will be outlined in your invoice upon booking. 

Payments made by credit card will incur a non-refundable surcharge of 2.5% for Mastercard/Visa and 4% for American Express.

Payments made by direct deposit or internet transfer must include the invoice number in the reference and a copy of the remittance emailed to Beyond Abilities Pty Ltd. Please allow a minimum of 3 working days for payments to be processed by the bank. 

For travelers using NDIS funding to pay for NDIS approved services on their holiday, the following conditions will apply:


• Plan Managed – The signed copy of the Service Booking & Acceptance Form will be sent to the travelers Plan Manager and confirmation of the available funds will be requested. Upon completion of the agreed services being delivered, an invoice will be sent to your funds manager immediately after the requested service has been provided. Invoice payment has a billing period of 7 days after the service invoice has been sent.


• Self Managed – An invoice will be sent to you immediately after the agreed service(s) has been provided. Invoice payment has a billing period of 7 days after the service invoice has been sent.


• NDIA Managed - A service booking will be made on the NDIS portal for the agreed services in the travelers Service Booking & Acceptance Form. The service booking will be made once the signed agreement has been received by Beyond Abilities and prior to any services being delivered. A payment request will be made immediately following the delivery or the services outlined in this agreement.


• If a new NDIS price guide comes into effect after the signing of this agreement and before or during the delivery of the requested services, BA reserves the right to adjust the service requested costs without notice to reflect the current NDIS Price Guide rates.

Cancellation & Refunds 


Fees apply to any cancellations and /or requests for refunds. All cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing to Beyond Abilities Pty Ltd. The days of notice will commence from the day the notice is received. No requests for refunds will be considered or granted after a program, tour or event has commenced. If requests for refund or cancellation (prior to a tour commencing) are received out of office hours, your request will be considered on the next business day or processed where applicable on the within fifteen business days. Cancellation fees are in addition to any costs owed to another operator, service or third party (ie: airlines, accommodation etc). Cancellation fees will be as follows:


Adventure World Fees

Domestic Tours


Days of Notice:                               Cancellation Fee:

60 days or more                               Loss of Deposit (and/or fares if included in tour) 

59 - 31 days                                     50% of total cost of tour (and/or fares if included in tour) 

30 days or less                                100% of total cost of tour (and/or fares if included in tour)


International Tours


Days of Notice:                               Cancellation Fee:

60 days or more                             Loss of Deposit (and/or fares if included in tour) 

31 - 60 days                                    50% of total cost of tour (and/or fares if included in tour) 

30 days or less                                100% of total cost of tour (and/or fares if included in tour)


Cancellation or Changes of a Program, Event or Tour


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any programs, events or tours if the minimum number of participants not be met. In this event, participants will receive a full refund of any monies paid for that program, tour or event or have the option to transfer funds to another program, event or tour that is being offered by Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. 


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to alter the itinerary, dates or support levels offered on a program, event or tour without notice. Changes will only be made if absolutely necessary. Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. will endeavour to ensure changes are as close to the original outline or itinerary as possible. In the event of bad weather, all events will still continue. If in the event that a program, event or tour is cancelled by a third party, an alternate and similar event will replace the original event and participants will be informed and invoiced should any further significant costs arise due to the change.


Acceptance of Booking


Participants bookings that are accepted on a program, event or tour are accepted on the basis that all information provided is true and correct. Participants with Behaviour Management Plans are required to include the most recent plan with their booking application for Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. to assess and ensure appropriate support.


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any participants who provides false or misleading booking information and anyone whose behaviour is likely to affect smooth operation of a program, event or tour or negatively impact on the participation, experience, safety or enjoyment of another participant, staff member or member of the community. Should this circumstance arise, the participant and/or carer will bear the full cost of the participants return. Program, tour or event monies paid will not be refunded if a participant is withdrawn from a program, event or tour.


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. will not tolerate aggressive, violent or self-harming behaviours.


Travel Insurance


Beyond Abilities strongly encourages all participants travelling on any of our tours with Adventure World Travel to obtain their own travel insurance. It is advised that adequate travel insurance is taken out to cover for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur such as but not limited to, cancellations, medical expenses, loss of luggage etc. Travel Insurance does not cover change of mind cancellations or cancellations due to illness from pre-existing conditions (Beyond Abilities may be able to assist with gaining specialist insurance to cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This will be at the discretion of the insurance company)


​If you would like Beyond Abilities to assist you with booking your travel insurance please contact us prior to booking your program, tour or event. If Travel Insurance has been requested this amount will be in addition to the participants booking and the participant will be sent an invoice outlining the Travel Insurance quote and admin fee. For more information about purchasing travel insurance please contact Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. via email or on 0488 83 ABLE (2253).


Photography and Filming Notice


At any of our programs, tours or events there may be filming and photography to record memories for participants, training for staff and/or for marketing purposes.

The programs, tours or events and any participant attending our programs, tours or events may be filmed, photographed and/or recorded.

By attending a program, tour or event at Beyond Abilities:

1. you acknowledge that you have been informed that you may be photographed and/or filmed and/or recorded and you give your irrevocable permission to be photographed and/or filmed and/or recorded.

2. you grant your irrevocable permission for your likeness, mannerisms and/or voice to be included in any content for such filming, photographs and/or recording (and edited) without compensation and/or credit, which content may be communicated and/or exploited in any and all media worldwide, whether existing or later invented, in all perpetuity.

If you are attending any of our programs, tours or events and do have any objection please contact us immediately at: Alternatively you can inform Beyond Abilities staff when you register for your program, tour or event or on your membership application form should you wish for this to be a permanent arrangement.




Staff are not trained medical professionals and will require a letter and instructions from the participants General Practitioner outlining medication, dosage, times when medication is to be taken and how to administer. Medications must be in a Webster Pack or in a Dosette Box. Any participants requiring injections as medication will need to contact the office to discuss the best medical management plan to meet their needs. An authorisation form will also need to be completed allowing Beyond Abilities staff to administer the medication after being satisfactorily trained by a medical practitioner to administer.

Please note some programs may not be able to accommodate participants that require injection medication. Please contact the office should you have any further enquires 0488 832 253 or


Luggage Limits 


Luggage limits will vary depending on the program, tour or events. For programs, tours or events that require more than two nights accommodation will have a luggage limit of one checked in bag weighing up to 20kgs and one carry on bag weighing up to 7kgs but not exceeding the carry on dimensions (114cm long x 60cm width x 11cm deep). 

For programs, tours or events that have one or two nights accommodation, these programs will have a luggage limit of one bag weighing up to 7kgs but not exceeding the following dimension (114cm long x 60cm width x 11cm deep) and one small bag (ie: handbag or backpack)

Please note if you are unable to carry your own luggage on overnight accommodation programs, please ensure that the luggage you bring has working wheels for staff to assist you with moving your luggage.


Programs that do not require accommodation or overnight stay do not have a luggage limit, however it is recommended that should the participant only use a backpack or handbag for these programs, tours or events. (Participants will need to be able to carry there own bags on these programs, tour or events)


Personal Items


Beyond Abilities are not liable for costs associated with any personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged. All the passenger are responsible for any personal items they bring with them on any program, tour or event. 


Spending Money


Spending money for each participant is at the individuals descretion. Programs, tours and events do not include spending money or costs not listed in the program outline or itineraries. A suggested amount will be listed on the program outline or itinerary. Spending money can be left with the Beyond Abilities staff during the program, tour or event, however Beyond Abilities will not be liable for any money that is lost or stolen whilst in the possesion of the participant.

Please contact Beyond Abilities staff prior to the program, tour or event if you wish for staff to hold onto the participants spending money. There is no further costs for this service and an expenditure summary will be provided to the participant at the completion of the tour. Beyond abilities staff take no responsibility for purchase a participant wishes to make with their spending money.




All programs, tours and events will depart from Sydney based locations and Sydney International and Domestic Airport (where applicable). Participants will be informed at time of booking when they will be required to meet at departure points. Should there be a change in meeting times for a program, tour or event, participants will be contacted as early as possible via phone and email (if email address has been provided). Please note if you are not at a meeting point by the requested meeting time, Beyond Abilities will not wait for late participants. Participants running late should contact the Beyond Abilities staff as soon as possible. Beyond Abilities staff will attempt to find an alternate meeting point enroute however this may not always be possible. 


No refunds will be granted for participants who miss their program, tour or event due to being late and or missing their pick up at the meeting point.




Arrival times will be advised at the time of booking along with the meeting points. Participants will need to organise their own transport home from the meeting points. If a participant has indicated they are meeting a carer at the arrival meeting point, Beyond Abilities staff will not allow the participant to leave unless the participants carer is there to meet the participant. Should the carer not be at the arrival meeting point at the time specified, the participant will return to the office with the Beyond Abilities staff inccuring a further cost of $60 per hour.


Interstate Travellers 


For participants who live interstate and wish to book on any of our programs, Beyond Abilities are able to assist the participant to organise additional return flights and accommodation from their state to and from Sydney pre and post program, tour or event. The pre and post flights and accomodation can include support staff at an additional cost. Please contact Beyond Abilities should you require this extra service. Beyond Abilities will be happy to arrange the flights and accomodation on behalf of the participant with support if required. 


Accommodation will be charged at $450 per night pre and post program, tour and event. This will include the night of accommodation, dinner and breakfast.


Return flights for interstate participants include the return flights, transfer and booking fee. Please contact us for up to date prices from your state.


Rooming Arrangements


Participants may nominate a rooming partner at the time of booking, however if no rooming partner has been nominated, participants will be placed in a shared room with a passenger of the same gender. Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. will endeavour to ensure participants are matched based on their personalities and support requirements. Single rooms may also be available at an additional cost should the participant request to be on their own.


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. Staff and volunteers do not share rooms with participants. Please contact Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. via email or on 0488 83 ABLE (2253) to discuss rooming arrangements further.


Inclusions and Exclusions


All inclusions for any programs, tours and events are listed in the event details in our brochures. Any items, services or activities not included will be an additional cost to participants. Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. are not liable for costs associated with any items, services or activities of which a participant incurs that are not included in the program, tour or event details. 


Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages


Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. complies with the alcoholic Beverage laws in Australia and countries in which our programs, tours and events run. In compliance with the Australian Beverage Laws, any participants under the age of 18 years of age will not be allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages whilst on any Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. Programs, tours or events. Should the participant knowingly consume any alcoholic beverages whilst on a Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. Program, tour or event they shall be withdrawn from the program, tour or event. The participant and/or carer will bear the full cost of the participants return. Program, tour or event monies paid will not be refunded if a participant is withdrawn from a program, event or tour.


Participant Fitness


Participants are expected to have reasonable fitness to participate in any program, event or tour. Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to accept or decline any participants bookings should they not be deemed appropriate for the holiday category/categories. Participants are able to contact Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. to determine whether or not that particular program, event or tour is appropriate for them. Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. staff will endeavour to assist the participant to find a program, event or tour that is suitable to the participant should they be deemed not suitable for their chosen program, tour or event.


Liability Release


In consideration of the services and arrangements provided by Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd., I do hereby release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and agree to indemnify Beyond Abilities Pty. Ltd. from any and all claims, actions, or losses for bodily injury, property damage or otherwise which may arise out of or occur during my participation in a program, tour or event and any activities conducted in conjunction with these services. Regardless of the situation or circumstances giving rise to a claim, I waive any right to seek consequential, punitive or exemplary damages against Beyond Abilities Pty Ltd. Travel Companions, Volunteers, Management or staff.


Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your tour.