Program Categories

Beyond Abilities offers a variety of services and programs to people of any ability. Our icon guide below may help you to work out which which service or event would be best suited to you depending on your skills, interest, abilities and needs. 


Our services or programs display icons relevant to the the accessibility and support of that particular service or program. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0488 83 2253 (ABLE) or email us at




Designed for our younger participants that are of primary school ages. Ages 5 - 12. Programs with this icon will be restricted to our younger participants only.









Designed for high school enthusiasts from 12 up to the age of 18. Programs with this icon will be restricted to our teenage enthusiasts only.









These programs are for the young at heart and designed for those over 50 years of age. Programs with this are restricted to our more Senior participants only.







Extra Active


For the more adventurous and active participants wanting to see and participate in lots of activities in a short peiod of time. These programs usually have a full day of activities and tend to be slightly longer days.









Programs that are more relaxed and not as active. These programs are designed to be slower paced whilst still providing great experiences and support.







Mobility Plus


For participants who need extra assistance with walking or require mobility aids (walking frames, wheelchairs etc). Participants should be able to catch a bus, coach, train or plane with assistance.







Care Plus


For participants needing extra assistance with personal care, meals and/or dressing.









For participants requiring wheelchair accessible facilities, transport and/or accommodation.