Health Advantages

Personal Training & Massage Therapy

Staying fit and healthy is an important part of life. Exercise can help us to maintain our weight and a healthy nutritious diet can also help to give our bodies the nutritional balance it needs. At Beyond Abilities we know that sometimes staying motivated to exercise properly and eat right can be difficult, so we have teamed up with the awesome company SESA Fitness.

SESA Fitness offers a variety of personal training, group fitness, nutrition advice, fat loss and muscle building programs for people of any ability. SESA Fitness will help you to complete fitness assessments, set some fitness goals, motivate you, provide exercise instructions and keep you accountable. Their qualified personal trainers can also provide education on on many other areas wellness other than exercise, including health and nutrition.

In order to provide you with the best ways to keep overall wellbeing at its best, SESA Fitness and Beyond Abilities have gotten together to offer you some great personal training and massage therapy offers that can help you maintain you physical fitness and health as well as restoring your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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