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Who can access the NDIS?


The NDIS is being introduced in stages, because it’s a big change and it is important to get it right and make it sustainable. Existing service users and new participants will enter the scheme progressively.


In NSW, the NDIS will be rolled out by district. When the NDIS commences in a district, people currently receiving supports through New South Wales Government specialist disability services will be moving first.


Existing Commonwealth and state-based services and supports will continue until eligible people with disability start their plans with the NDIS.


If you are not currently receiving disability supports you can apply to access the NDIS from 1 July 2018 (excepting those in urgent or exceptional circumstances).


Information taken from the National Disability Insurance Scheme website

See more at: http://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/our-sites/nsw

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Hunter Area Launch


The NDIS commenced in the Hunter area on 1 July 2013. People with disability living in the three local government areas (LGAs) of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland will access the scheme gradually to enable a smooth transition from existing arrangements. People in the Hunter launch will transition between 2013 and 2016. The full scheme will rollout across NSW between 2016 and 2018.People with disability will establish a support plan with the NDIA and, once their plan is approved, will be able to make choices to support their needs. Change is not always necessary, and some people may be happy to keep their current arrangements or add to them.The NSW Government is working with the NDIA to allow for the best possible transition of people into the scheme. The three LGAs will see around 10,000 people with disability being eligible for the NDIS over the launch period. Careful planning is needed so that people with disability have time to get ready for the planning process, and to consider their needs and goals before they engage with the NDIS.


Information taken from the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care website

See more at: http://www.adhc.nsw.gov.au/about_us/strategies/national_disability_insurance_scheme#sthash.Na2NdxFB.dpuf

Bring on the New World...

The world is a place filled with people with all sorts of abilities. At Beyond Abilities we aim to harness abilities and assist our members to gain new skills that compliment the abilities they already have. In the new world, we understand that people of all abilities will have the opportunity to access services they choose not services they are obligated to use. If there is a service you would like us to consider to help you improve an ability, get in contact with us at info@beyondabilities.com.au

So... What is the New World going to look like?

Imagine a world where you can choose the services you want and need and have enough funding to get the support to help you and your family? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new government initiative that is currently being trialled in various areas within Australia. In New South Wales the trial area is in the Hunter reagion of New South Wales. 


Disabilities are indiscriminatory and can affect anyone. The NDIS is based on a person centred support system where the person with the disability will have the ability to make their own choices and decisions based on what they need and want.This new person centred system is flexible and individualised based on the persons needs and wants, which will help sustain the social and economic future of people with a disability and for Australia.

The Change Room - Change at the Frontline

What challenges and opportunities can we expect the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to bring? Service providers and participants/family members of people with disability talk about the changes from the NDIS trial sites.

What is the NDIS?

If you've ever been asked what the NDIS is - or have wondered yourself - here's the rundown in a nutshell.

How will the NDIS work?

John Della Bosca says funding the NDIS will be less costly than the future expense of disability.

10 Reasons Why We Need The NDIS...
  1. The support system for people with a disability, their families and carers is in crisis. If you, or someone you love, is born with a disability or acquires one later in life, you all run the risk of falling through a huge hole in Australia’s safety net.

  2. People with a disability and their families and carers want to participate in the social, economic, and cultural life of the nation. But there are many barriers to their full inclusion.

  3. Lack of support and services means families are primarily responsible for meeting the needs of their family member with a disability. Many families are struggling with high rates of physical, emotional and financial stress.

  4. The current situation is inequitable – people receive different levels of support depending on how, when and where their disability was acquired.

  5. An economic crisis is looming. The number of people with a disability is increasing and the number of people willing and able to provide unpaid care is falling. This means the cost to government is expected to escalate dramatically in the future.

  6. A National Disability Insurance Scheme would provide people with a disability and their families and carers with the regular care, support, therapy and equipment they need. As a Medicare-type scheme, it would provide a secure and consistent pool of funds for these services and support.

  7. It would be fair, efficient and effective. It would focus on early intervention and delivering those supports which produce the best long term outcomes. It would maximise opportunities for independence, participation and productivity.

  8. It would be individualised and person-centred. Support would be based on the choices of person with a disability and their family.

  9. The scheme would reframe support as investment rather than charity. Timely interventions, appropriate aids and equipment, training and development would become investment in individual capacity rather than welfare. The scheme would therefore lead to more positive results for people with a disability, their families and carers as well as being fiscally responsible.

  10. All Australians would benefit from this scheme because disability can affect anyone, anytime. Everyone will benefit from building a more inclusive, more diverse community.

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