Beyond the Broadband: here to stay!

We don't need a reminder that 2020 has been a difficult year...when the first set of restrictions and lockdowns came into effect in the Greater Sydney area back in March, all face-to-face community supports we'd been providing to our clients had to be suspended.

Like other NDIS providers, business and individuals, we had to adapt to the new reality of the pandemic. We moved our services online, coming up with innovative ideas and changing the way we do things. Lucky for us, we have a great team of creative, flexible and talented staff that are highly skilled in areas outside of work. These skills are something we've always been encouraging our staff to pursue and we try to find new ways to embed them into our programs, which is exactly what we did when we moved our supports online.

Description of our Beyond the Broadband online program, Get Your Glow On, delivered by Krishelle
Get Your Glow On by Krishelle

The result was Beyond the Broadband - a new type of 100% online supports, bringing skill-learning, social activities and fun to our clients' homes during Covid-19 isolation. Activities like life skill learning, makeup and fashion tips, dancing, art, movie nights, book clubs, video games, LGBTQI support groups and phone/video chat mental health support.

And… it worked! We kept our clients engaged and we brought on new clients who wanted to be a part of what we do.

Description of our Beyond the Broadband online program, Get Creative, delivered by Kristie
Get Creative by Kristie

Now that lockdowns are over, new daily case numbers are down and things are slowly returning to normal, our face-to-face supports are back, in the community and at home. As you would expect, our Beyond the Broadband clients are putting down their laptops and tablets and getting out there, seeing their family and friends, engaging in their local communities and, with summer not too far away, spending some time out in the sun!

But if there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, it's the need for online alternatives to face-to-face supports. And we will continue to offer them to those who want them :)

Description of our Beyond the Broadband online program, Get Your Groove On, delivered by Jude
Get Your Groove On by Jude

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