What exactly is Support Coordination?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Ever wondered what Support Coordination is?

Support Coordinators are superstars that make your dreams come true!

Beyond Abilities' support coordinators - Alan White and Kristie Findlater - sitting at a table.
Alan White and Kristie Findlater

They explain to people how their NDIS plans work, discuss their budget and goals, and what supports will be needed to achieve them. They help link people with the best possible professional services, for example speech or occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists and home care providers. They also assist their clients with quotes and service agreements.

At Beyond Abilities, we have two experienced Support Coordinators - Kristie Findlater and Alan White.

Beyond Abilities' support coordinator Kristie Findlater, proudly showing her 2019 Australian Support Coordinator of the Year Award.
Kristie Findlater

Kristie was one of the six finalists for One Community's 2019 Australian Support Coordinator of the Year Award. This is an outstanding achievement, considering the hundreds of coordinators out there whose job it is to help people understand their plans, link them with the right providers and supports, and help them build up their skills.

Alan has been working in the disability sector for 20 years, with over four years of Support Coordination under his belt. According to Alan, the things that make up a super Support Coordinator are compassion, understanding and helping people achieve as much as possible. The reward - seeing people grow and realise their potential - is priceless!

Do you have an NDIS Plan? Are you looking for an epic Support Coordinator? Want more information?

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