Skills Central

Have you ever wanted to learn to read or count? Maybe you've always wanted to get your Learners Licence? Or learn to use an iPad, Smartphone or Computer? 


At Beyond Abilities we believe the quality of our services and programs are essential to the development of people

with different abilities. Our Skills Central programs are designed to empower a person of any ability to increase

their knowledge, skill development and independence.

How are the programs delivered?


Skills Central programs are delivered via personalised or group programs. Our group skill development programs

are based in central locations and have a maximum of up to ten students per class. Each program has a number of

structured modules that the tutor will work through and support the students to learn and understand.

We also understand that not everyone learns the same way. Some of us are very visual learners and others may be very practical

learners. With this in mind, the programs were designed to incorporate a number of different learning techniques and learning materials to ensure that all the students are learning the material in various ways and further developing their skills.

If a group program is not your style and you prefer an individualised program, then our personalised programs may be a great alternative. Personalised Skills Central programs are mobile and flexible, meaning we come to you and deliver the program in an environment that you are comfortable in. Personalised programs are designed specifically to meet your goals and needs. The personalised Skills Central programs allows you the benefit of taking as long as you like to complete the program and the flexibility of further topic exploration and extension of your personalised program should you wish to continue your learning and skill development.

Where are the programs delivered?


Our group programs are delivered in various Sydney locations that are close to public transport. These locations may vary, therefore it is a good idea to check our Program Dates & Locations for current and future programs dates and locations via the link below.

Personalised programs are flexible and can be delivered in an environment that suits your needs. This may be at your home, in a local meeting or at a local café.

Basic Skills

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy


Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

  • Leadership


Personal Development

  • Exploring Identity

  • Learners Licence

  • Looking After Yourself

  • Let's Get Con-Fi-Dent



  • Learn to Cook

Money Skills

  • Dollars & Cents



  • Basic Computer Skills - PC

  • Basic Computer Skills - Mac

  • Smartphones (Android)

  • Smartphones (Iphone)

  • Using a Tablet (Android)

  • Using an Ipad (Apple)

  • Understanding Social Media


Consumer and Tenancy Knowledge

  • I Know My Rights!

Programs Offered in 2017

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