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Skills Central


At Beyond Abilities we believe the quality of our services and programs is essential to the development of people with different abilities. As with any of our programs, we always believe that learning and having fun go hand in hand. Skills Central (SC) is no different, however this program also aims to empower learners of any ability to increase their knowledge, skill development and independence.


Our Skills Central programs are designed to teach fundamental skills that build independence and skills for life. The programs have been structured and developed to be age appropriate, gender specific (where appropriate) and enable learning to occur in the community and online through activities and skills challenges.

We call this Skills on the Go!

We know that not everyone learns the same way. Some of us are visual learners while others may be practical learners. With this in mind, the programs we design incorporate a broad array of learning techniques and materials to ensure essential independence skills are learnt in a variety of ways and different environments.


Skills Central is designed for those who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability, through to those that are high functioning and mostly independent. The groups are supported by our Fungineers (support staff) to engage and facilitate the learning whilst having stacks of fun.

If you love to learn, love a challenge and want to have fun at the same time, then come along and see how learning can not only be good for the mind but also stacks of FUN!! To join a Skills Central program or find out more information, submit an enquiry.


For further information about our programs, enquire above or contact us on 0488 83 2253 (ABLE) or at info@beyondabilities.com.au