Skills Central

Status Update: The Skills Central programs have vacancies for 2019. Places are filling fast!

At Beyond Abilities we believe the quality of our services and programs are essential to the development of people with different abilities. Our Skills Central programs are designed to empower a person of any ability to increase their knowledge, skill development and independence.

How are the programs delivered?

Skills Central programs are delivered in small group programs of no more than 10 students and run in the local community. Each program has been designed to not only teach the learning objectives of each program, but also teach a number of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well. Our programs are always created and designed to teach our students as many skills on the go as possible within the program and learning objectives.


Each program has a number of structured lessons that the students work through with support to learn and understand. To encourage students to engage, all our programs have an element of challenges and games to allow students to have some healthy competition amongst themselves. This encourages learning and reinforcement of the teachings. We also actively encourage the students to explore and investigate what is in their local area through the activities and challenges they participate in, whilst being supported by our Skillician support staff.

However, we understand that not everyone learns the same way. Some of us are very visual learners and others may be very practical learners. With this mind, the programs we designed incorporate a number of different learning techniques and learning materials to ensure that all the students are learning the material in various ways and further developing their skills.

Students also have the opportunity to move to more advanced levels in our Literacy, Numeracy and Dollars & Cents programs once they have successfully completed the basics and fundamentals programs.


Each program also has a graduation ceremony at the end of each 10 week program where students are presented with and awarded their program graduation certificates. We encourage the students to invite their loved ones and carers to attend in recognition of their achievements.

Programs Benefits

  • Structured learning program in a group environment.

  • Opportunity to meet others who also want to develop their skills in the same area.

  • Programs are run in central locations close to transport.

  • Small groups.

  • Variety of learning techniques and materials.

  • Development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well as the lesson objectives.

Where are the programs delivered?

Group programs are delivered in various Sydney locations that are close to public transport. These locations may vary, therefore it is a good idea to check on our website for current program dates and locations.

Meeting and pick up points for programs are always in the same place for every program and lesson.

To find out more about each program and when they will be running, click on the Programs Offered link below.

To book into a Skills Central Group Program, please complete the Expression of Interest form above.

For further information about the programs contact us on 0488 83 2253 (ABLE) or at