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School Leaver Employment Supports


School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is all about getting work-ready. It is aimed at students transitioning out of school in their final year, usually at the end of Year 12. It is funded by the NDIS for up to two years.

For most young people, leaving school can be uncertain, even scary at times - no matter what their ability. SLES is designed to bridge the gap between school and employment, by teaching skills needed in the workplace and adulthood. We help young people discover and nurture their talents and skills, and apply them as they look for work, learn their new job and go on to become more independent.

Our SLES sessions are uniquely designed for each individual, focussing on building skills, including:

  • numeracy & literacy,

  • money skills,

  • work culture,

  • being an employee,

  • exploring careers and courses,

  • independence & safety in the community,

  • healthy relationships,

  • and lots more!

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True to our philosophy, we believe all these skills can and should be learnt while socialising and having fun. This is why we like our SLES groups small and our curriculum highly personalised for each participant.

We know that not everyone learns the same way. Some of us are visual learners while others may be very practical learners. With this in mind, the sessions we design incorporate a broad array of learning techniques and materials, to ensure essential employment and independence skills are learnt in a variety of ways and in different environments.

All our sessions are COVID-safe, flexible and can be delivered at home, online and/or in the community!

If you are a Year 12 student leaving school at the end of Term 3 and thinking of getting a job while learning invaluable skills, meeting exciting people and having fun doing it, then SLES is perfect for you!


To join a SLES program, submit an enquiry. If you prefer to tell us how you would like your SLES program to look, please take our survey.


For further information about our programs, enquire above or contact us on 0488 83 2253 (ABLE) or at