Support Coordination

Support Coordination is not just about making a few calls,
it's about making a connection and helping you live your best life!
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Our Support Coordinators are passionate about supporting NDIS clients to reach their goals. We take our job very seriously. We do our absolute best to help you get the most of your NDIS plan and we will assist you to identify, locate and make connections with services that are just as unique as you.


As an organisation that is always thinking outside the square and looking to provide the best service possible across all our programs, our Support Coordination is no different. When we are supporting our NDIS clients to look for services, we make sure they are happy with the services we find and are comfortable receiving services from that provider, so that they have the maximum choice and control over the disability supports and services accessed.

Our Support Coordinators are a wealth of knowledge, full of compassion and driven to help you live your best life. We think they are Superstars!


They will:

  • Walk beside you through your NDIS journey;

  • Work with you to build skills that will help you to understand your NDIS plan and the opportunities that it provides;

  • Search & link you in with the providers that align with what you consider to be the best supports for you;

  • Provide information and support to assist you with any issues with providers;

  • Assist with monitoring funds usage by helping you to build skills;

  • Work with you and your network to plan and prepare for your annual plan review.


The NDIS is about giving you the opportunity to live your best life... Beyond Abilities is about working with you to make your best life a reality.


If you have an NDIS Plan and are looking for an epic Coordinator to help you put your plan in place, with our innovative ideas, suggestions and strategies, then get in touch with us! For more information, submit an enquiry or contact our team.

For further information about the programs contact us on 0488 83 2253 (ABLE) or at