Our Visions, Mission & Values


With so many changes taking effect due to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it is vital that our vision, mission and values are aligned with empowering you and the community to live the life you want. No matter the program or services Beyond Abilities provides, our vision, mission and values are at the heart of every service and decision we make.

Individually and collectively we are passionate about change and our company and our staff live these values both personally and professionally with the knowledge that we are taking steps to improve lives and change the world.

Our vision is to educate and change the way the world sees people with disabilities and understand that it is not a disability BUT a DIFFERENT ABILITY. Beyond Abilities aims to create a world where everyone is equal, accepted and treated with the same respect as well as given fair and equal opportunity to experience life the same way as anyone else with or without a barrier.

Our mission is to disrupt, change and innovate the disability industry by improving and providing new, innovative, effective and essential opportunities to people of all abilities that assist with learning key life skills which encourage inclusion, empowerment and success.






At Beyond Abilities we live our values in everything we do, in every decision we made, in every program we offer, in every support we provide. By whole heartedly living our values it enables us to work towards and get closer and closer to achieving our mission and realising our vision.

EMPOWER - Empower you, empower me, empower and educate the world.

The first step to changing the world is through education and empowerment. Beyond Abilities are committed to empowering our clients, staff and community through education and self development. Through empowerment comes the first step in changing the world. Understanding that if we maximise, educate and facilitate environmental education, the world benefits.

INNOVATION - Lead Innovations, think creatively and develop new solutions.

Beyond Abilities actively encourage our clients and staff to take a leap of faith, think creatively and find solutions to problems and challenges that will encourage change in the world and create new opportunities. In a fast paced and evolving world, innovation allows us the ability to provide more opportunity to the people we support 


PASSION - Respect & empathy leads to kindness. Motivation & understanding drives passion.

We firmly believe that kindness coupled with driven passion is the way we will all be able to change the world. Kindness drives good customer service because it leads respect, acceptance, patience, empathy, compassion and understanding. This coupled with encouragement and persistence will lead to excellent customer service and provide a positive and happy experience for anyone engaging, accessing or interacting with our community.


PERSONALISE - Service Matters. Be person centred.

In order to offer truly superior services, Beyond Abilities believes that this can only be achieved through genuine personalised services. Understanding the needs and wants of a client in a holistic sense enables us to create tailored experiences which assist and support the client to work towards their goals whist experiencing unique and innovative opportunities.

INTEGRITY - Be humble, be dignified, be worthy, be honest.

We believe that honesty, integrity, reliability and decency are the chromosomes in our DNA that we must be guided by both personally and professionally. Having socially acceptable ethics and moral beliefs strengthens our integrity and encourages us to work together in a more humble and dignified manner. It allows us to create change and implement solutions because we have perspective and a mission. We also know that coupled with perspective and a mission, dignity has the power to change the world.

UNITY & COMMUNITY - Acceptance, diversity and inclusion.

No goals are ever attained without a team or a community uniting together to achieve it. To be able to educate and change the world, we must work together as one team and one family with the same vision. Beyond Abilities actively encourages togetherness, inclusion, cooperation and acceptance in order to build spirit, enthusiasm and passion. We know that whilst many hands make light work, many minds create endless possibilities. By bringing unity among people the possibilities for any individuals are endless.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP - Give more of ourselves to protect our world.

In order to change the world we first must save the world. Beyond Abilities adopts a paper free work environment and utilises technology that helps to minimise our carbon footprint and carbon pollution whilst still enabling accessibility, skill building and education.

PEACE & JUSTICE - Find non violent ways to achieve peace & justice.

In a world where there is so much turmoil and heartbreak, Beyond Abilities is committed to finding ways to incorporate awareness and education about peace and justice within our programs and services. We encourage our staff and the wider community to increase their knowledge and learning that changes how we see and engage with the world and find peaceful solutions that support human rights and social justice as well as bringing peace. With this knowledge and understanding we are able to bring positive changes to the world we live in through education, understanding, unity and peace.

GIVE - Pay it forward

At Beyond Abilities this value is second nature. From the top level executives right through to our dedicated front line staff, we all understand that a small act of kindness can go a long way but when we show kindness everyday, it can cause a ripple effect. We encourage all of our staff to show a little kindness everyday and pay it forward, because we know that each little kind gesture is changing a life and in turn having a positive impact on the world.

SIMPLIFY & ENJOY - Keep it simple and have fun!

Beyond Abilities believe that keeping it simple is often the best and most efficient way. Simplicity also makes experiences more enjoyable. We believe, being able to teach and educate others without over complication will ensure a much more enjoyable experience. After all, life should be fun!

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